London Trip Photos


May 2012


by Wendy McLaughlin *


These are just a few highlight photographs I took during a trip to London earlier this year.


They represent only about 3% of the total number of photos I took

(with more to be posted soon), some designed to help me remember where I was and when while others emphasize

some unique family connections.



Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version of the picture.



John at



Wendy at St Martin

in the Fields

Ann & Leila

Jackie & Leila

John & Ann at the

Victoria & Albert


John & Ann

Wendy & Leila

Wendy & Laila

balcony view,

St Martin

in the Fields

Wendy at



flowers & foliage,

Hyde Park

Wendy inside

an Arish**, RGS

Ann, John, Wendy -

Gessler at Daquise

(Polish restaurant)

** a palm dwelling on display at the Royal Geographical Society

* Copyright © 2012 by Wendy McLaughlin
All rights reserved. Any use without prior authorization is strictly prohibited by law.