Easter Island Trip Photos


April 2007


by Shawn McLaughlin *



These are photographs I took during a trip to Easter Island for research to produce a revised edition of my  Complete Guide to Easter Island — and so I decided to include some of the mundane about the island and Hanga Roa along with some of the more typically photogenic aspects most people have come to expect.

They represent about 10% of the total number of photos I took, with an emphasis on documentation more than creative composition.


When I have finished the revised edition of the Complete Guide,

I'll post additional images....



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lone moai

near Ahu

Hanga TeŽe

lone moai

near Ahu

Hanga TeŽe

ffake moai towards South Coast

church, interior

church, exterior


church exterior


ccarved  post, school gate

carved post,

school gate

statue of

St. Peter, Caleta

gas station

ambulance at hospital

rear of moai,

Plaza Hotu MatuŽa

a Rapa Nui rose

Still cutting

down trees?

Moai Rake Rake



Jail (now

Rotary building)

Jail (now

Rotary building)

carved wood shrine near church


Toromiro at CONAF

Clock tower at Mataveri Airport

Clock tower at Mataveri Airport

Manutara, Mataveri Airport

Manupiri, Mataveri Airport

Stonework, Vinapu

Street scene,

Hanga Roa

Ahu Nau Nau

(with encroach

-ing sand)

Ahu Aturi-Huki

collapsed lava tubes

collapsed lava tubes

shiny new red

fire truck

tree mold,

Tahai Complex

red scoria replica,

(back of )

Hoa Haka Nana Ia

tattoo shop

Maike Puka Puka (bananas)


new street signs, Hanga Roa

stone dwelling, Tahai Complex


Ahu Tepeu


(rear view)

cremated horse, Tongariki


Rano Raraku

Ahu One Makihi

bee hive,

Rano Raraku

1902 graffiti from Baquedano

Moai, Rano Raraku


Ahu O Rongo

Anakena Beach

Pu O Hiro

petroglyph-incised fascia stone,

Ahu Tongariki

lone moai near Ahu Akahanga

tour sign near

Ahu Akivi

table based on petroglyph design (Hotel O'tai)

Ahu Riata

at night

wood carving

at airport

moai at airport

Space Shuttle commemorative

plaque, airport

welcome sign, airport

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All rights reserved. Any use without prior authorization is strictly prohibited by law.